Why Ronald Koeman Hasn’t Started Spending Big Money At Everton

So Koeman has started training with the Everton squad that aren’t at the Euros. The press are reporting that we are close to signing several players such as Axel Witsel and the lovely Juan Mata. SO WHY HAVEN’T WE SIGNED ANYONE YET (apart from a reserve goalie) KENWRIGHT/ELSTONE?!?!?

There are of course several reasons why this might be the case. Let’s have a closer look at some of these.

He Is Still Assessing The Players

One of the criticisms pointed at Everton over the last two seasons has been that the players are simply not fit enough. Good enough? Yes, the squad is seen to be strong. Tactically and fitness-wise though, they fell short. One of David Moyes’ strengths was that he had his teams organised and fit if not particularly positive at times.

It looks like Koeman is trying to get that fixed quite early. He has the players back early from their holidays and is concentrating on giving them double sessions to improve their fitness as well as ball work. With that, he’ll not know truly which players can actually give him some true value within his playing style. He likes players in his sides to be full of running as we’ve seen with his Southampton side in the last two years. Will he continue this theme and move out those who just don’t fit the bill? Let’s get Barkley a bit fitter for starters!

He Always Signs Players Later In The Window

Let’s have a look at his signings over the last couple of years. Koeman joined the Saints in the Summer of 2014 and immediately had a couple of signings through the door in Tadic and Pelle – great signings I’m sure you’ll agree. These were no doubt players that he had in mind as they both came from Dutch clubs, but they also have been in the pipeline for some time. It’s normal for clubs to have a list of players that they are keen on and Pochittino may have identified them. It may have been Koeman who looked down the list and insisted on them arriving of course.

It was a month later that Koeman decided to add to his squad, probably after enjoying a pre-season and seeing how his team would operate. Forster, Shane Long and Gardos arrived just before the season kicked off. Koeman then added Mane to his squad on the transfer window’s final day. He doesn’t seem to be a fan of buying players at the last minute so we’d best not get too excited when September 1st comes round!

Last season was much the same. Koeman brought in two or three players in the first couple of weeks of July – obviously pre-planned ones. It wasn’t until the season was just about to start and then September 1st that players were brought in for any money.

Maybe things will be different for us in terms of money being available, but Koeman had a lot of outgoings when that lot over the road kept buying their players. He was more inclined to work with what he had to replace those players with a few shrewd investments. Of course this could have annoyed him and led him to leave the Saints for Goodison!

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He Will Put His Faith In Youth

Whilst spending some money at Southampton, Koeman also liked to promote from within. The famous Southampton Academy has produced a lot of players over the years that have gone on to better things (or moved to Liverpool Fubblclb) with Bale and Walcott amongst their ranks.

Late last season Everton started to give some of their youngsters some opportunities such as Ty Browning, Brendan Galloway, Luke Garbutt and Matthew Pennington. It looks like Tom Davies will have a few chances this season following his good showings in the last couple of matches last season. Shani Tarashaj will also be coming in following his purchase and loan-back last season.

Either way it looks like it’s going to be an exciting season for Everton. Let’s hope he keeps the youth players having opportunities alongside some hugely expensive names. It’s about time the Mersey Millionaires had some money to spend again!