Trolling Stones – Everton Say ‘No’ and We Look At Spurs Away!

Sorry for the headline and apologies for the next line…


*cough* Sorry about that.

So as we head into the last few days of the transfer window we see a potential door SLAMMED into Chelsea’s face concerning the sale of John Stones to Chelsea for a whopping (enter silly amount of cash here – no-one really knows what Chelsea have bid do they??>. The Chairman Bill Kenwright has come out to say that he’s not for sale at any price, as he has done for the last month, and if he backed down on that then he’d probably need to move very quickly to stop Everton ‘fans’ shouting at him through the gates of the drive to his mansion.

Seriously, chasing a lad around the services about potentially leaving the club when he only wanted to get himself a bag of Quavers and a Mars milkshake? Although saying that, the video that was produced actually just showed a lad in a tracksuit heading into a Travelodge, and I’m fairly sure that Stones wasn’t stopping there on the huge trip back to Liverpool from Barnsley. And wouldn’t someone from the club arrange for the bus to be stocked with Kinder Eggs and Curly Wurlies for the way back?!? This is not my ‘convinced’ face.

As for Stones, who knows where his head is. We’re all told about what a great lad he is, but if you were told that you were heading for a Champions League spot and treble your current wages plus a minty signing on fee you’d be crackers not to take it. This isn’t Barkley either, a local lad – this is someone we signed two years ago from a club in the third division in Yorkshire.

Someone much funnier than me on Twitter said the other day: “I bet Stones is sitting on the coach dreaming of playing Real Madrid in the Champions League with Chelsea when Naismith shoves his head over the seat and shouts in his ear ‘ay Stonesy – what flavour Pringles do ya want?!?’”

Still I look forward to him playing for us all this season, making the odd mistake here and there and getting a good booing from the ninjas. Can’t quite help but think that we’d not be so fussed if we’d already signed that lad from Celtic or we had Distin still available playing the form he showed three years ago. Yes, that’s right, this is all Martinez’s fault. Boooo, etc.

Looking ahead to Spurs, a game we should win really looking at their poor start, I think we all know how this will be played out.

Spurs haven’t won yet. Kane has only scored once in about 15 games (guess who against?!?). Only one outcome I think you’ll agree.

Again it’ll be interesting to see how Stones performs, as he’ll no doubt play, and we still have concerns about the left back position in Baines’ absence. Oviedo Baby seems to have come back from injury terrified of making a tackle, and after being out for so long he has some sympathy. However, he’s getting paid to put a shift in and make a tackle so I can’t sympathise too much.

On a positive note Deulofeu was sensational against Barnsley (yes, I know…) and Barkley and Lukaku have started the season fire, so it might be a fairly entertaining game in an attacking sense at least. There could be goals in the game and my prediction would probably be 1-1.

Right, I’m off to check Clubcall and see whether Yarmelenko has signed yet. This lad is getting better and better by the day by simply not doing anything. He’ll be the new Kanchelskis by the time he arrives, assuming he does. I’m getting a baaad feeling about this…

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