Aerial Protest Becomes Lucky Charm For Everton As Saints Put To The Sword

So in the end you can imagine there were actually a few Blues that were disappointed that we’d won the match.

Not those that had travelled down to the South Coast for an early afternoon match. Nor those that tuned in at home or went to the pub to support the team. I’m thinking of those that went out of their way to hire a plane, attach a banner to it and fly it over the ground at an away game – a match that very few, if any, Directors would have planned to attend. Well done lads and lasses.

Apparently more ‘activist’ activities are planned for next weekend against Man City and to be honest if we win that game 3-0 too I for one hope that we have one every single match. Hopefully getting more and more cynical and angry as we bound towards the top of the league and certain trophy winners.

Of course I do realise that some people reading this might think that creating awareness within the media is a good thing, and to be fair across Talksport, Radio 5 Live and the like they have started talking about the Board and investment as opposed to looking to sell John Stones every 5 minutes. The people holding the shows and callers that come on quite often get the facts wrong which leads to more irritation from those who deem the protests ‘pointless’.

I still maintain that this site is pretty neutral in the fact that we do need new owners with loads of money, but we also understand why we’ve not found a new buyer (lack of assets, new stadium needed, etc). Shouting about the Board not putting money in though and hiring planes in small groups is perhaps not the way to do it for me.

A gathering of many different pockets of fans who represent different websites/groups (not this one; we’re far too small) and a concerted effort to meet Board or Commercial members in a neutral and private setting to talk about the situation and see whether there really is a plan would be great. Shouting at BK through a fence as he gets out of his car on a match day with his family? Not ideal.

Anyway, back to the game. I assumed we were going to get thrashed I must admit. Taking everything into consideration around our form, record at the Saints, etc, it was great to see us winning, and winning easily it seems.

I’ve said a few times on this site that we seem to do better against the sides that attack us and less well against those that come to Goodison and just defend/hit us on the break. This was no exception and our goals all stemmed from soaking up pressure and then running forward with pace.

Kone was added to the team following his good cameo last weekend and his pace and will to get forward on the right created the first goal – a towering header from Lukaku, who added a second from Barkley’s marauding run forward.

Barkley, who added a lovely curled third goal late in the game, really did well in this match. I’ve criticised his decision-making in the past but he seemed confident and able to pick out the right pass on Saturday. Maybe the away fixtures suit many of these players due to the fact that they get the space to counter-attack and they don’t actually get booed every time they make an error.

There were good performances all over the pitch though (even Gareth Barry…) and we can take that confidence into the next game against Man City. I don’t think many people will give us a chance against the table toppers but our record against them is pretty good and they won’t perhaps relish coming across to play ‘undefeated Everton’.

4 points from Watford at home and Southampton away? I’d have taken that any day of the week! COYB!!