4 Wins In 5 Games. So Why Aren’t We Excited?

So we enter the last few games of the season. Saturday’s game against Burnley was fun wasn’t it?

With five games to go we need to think about how things are shaping up and whether we have momentum for next season or not. I’ve written plenty of articles this season about how we are in trouble and could be dragged into the relegation mire. Over 40 points means we’re safe, and 3 home games from the last 5 with 2 away matches against teams that are safe and going nowhere seems to suggest we’ll get plenty of points yet.

Looks like we have got ourselves out of that particular pickle with four wins and a draw from the last five games and this Summer could be a very interesting one. Will half of our first team even be at the club? And do we trust Martinez with the cash to do this?

I’m sorry, I realise that I could be more positive about this and there are so many Blues out there that will be reading this and telling me to enjoy the good performances and live for the moment but I’m afraid that I expected more this season and still don’t feel that we are heading back to the heights that we reached last season.

So which players will be replaced? Well Mirallas doesn’t want to be there so he’ll be off, and Lukaku could join him if his agent sees that being at Everton is the disgrace that he seems to have suggested! Joining him will be Lennon (back to Spurs unless we pay a transfer fee) and also older players like Distin and Tim Howard. Clubs will also be swarming around Coleman as an option and maybe even McCarthy after his good season.

To avoid us being left with Kone up front and Osman and McGeady playing 38 league games a season major investment will be needed. Do we trust Martinez to spend it wisely? Personally I don’t have the confidence in his ability to scout and sign a player that he hasn’t already worked with or been looking at for several years.

I hope that we can keep hold of Lukaku for another year or so and Coleman but sell some of the dead wood (Mirallas, McGeady, Kone and Howard for example) and maybe even let Baines go due to the fact we have backups in Garbutt and Oviedo. He’s not suited to our play this season and doesn’t seem to even want to take penalties any more. The desire has gone and joining another club would be good for him.

We will have to see what is going through his head. Oh, and can we PLEASE do our business early so as to get a settled squad together? Promising to do that and then waiting until the last moment to look for players makes you look silly. Come on you blues!!